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Empress Ming

I am Empress Ming, a Professional & Lifestyle Dominatrix, Alpha female, and natural born leader. I live in constant pursuit of perfection, self improvement, and refining My highest and greatest self. I am first a Master of Myself; mind, body, and spirit, and then My subjects. To be a truly worship worthy Alpha, I believe you must master one's self before being a Master to others. I am the worship worthy Alpha woman you have been searching for, that Divine Feminine power you seek to fall under for guidance and surrender. I am the Queen, the epitome of the word Matriarch. I eat weak men like you for breakfast, and bend you to My will for fun.

I am Beautiful, Sensual, Sadistic, and 6 ft tall with bare feet, 6'4 with heels on, built like a super heroine bombshell from your dreamiest teenage fantasies, the woman you will never be big enough to handle in any way. I am the unattainable Goddess who excels in every aspect of life. You will find Me to be artistic, intelligent, creative, outspoken, well read, well traveled, funny, and friendly (though I love to play the cruel bitch Mistress.) After all, I am much deeper than meets the eye. I am also a compassionate, non-judgmental Mistress who is understanding of your deviant desires. The true power of My presence is only felt and understood when you find yourself before Me on your knees, blown back by My towering height, killer curves, and intoxicating charisma.

I enjoy tease and denial, strapon fantasies, humiliation, cbt, bondage, nipple torture, showers, smothering, spanking, worship, and your complete and total surrender, sacrifice, and submission.

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